December 2016

Michigan current scholars, Nicole Villapiano and Tyler Winkelman (VA), alums Matt Davis (Chicago CSP 98-00) and Stephen Patrick (Michigan CSP 10-12) publish study, "Rural and Urban Differences in Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Maternal Opioid Use, 2004 to 2013," JAMA.

October 2016

Current scholar Joshua Elder (Yale CSP) was featured in Attn: article, "How Doctors Can Tell If You're Looking for Drugs."

Current scholar Joshua Elder (Yale CSP) co-authored article, "Taking PDMPs Up a Notch" in Emergency Physicians Monthly

September 2016

Alum Brandon Maughan (Penn CSP VA 13-15) has study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, "Unused opioid analgesics and drug disposal following outpatient dental surgery: A randomized control trial" See press release here.

July 2016

Alum Zachary Meisel (Penn CSP 08-11) receives $2.1 million dollar grant from Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute - PCORI to test narratives as a way to communicate risks of opioid prescriptions for some patients with back and kidney stone pain.

June 2016

Alum Stephen Patrick (Michigan CSP 10-12) and colleagues publish study, "Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnancy: Health Policy and Practice in the Midst of an Epidemic" in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

May 2016

Krisda Chaiyachati (Penn CSP VA 15-17) and Jeffrey Hom (Penn CSP VA 14-16) co-authored an article, "Why It's Easier to be Prescribed an Opioid Painkiller Than the Treatment for Opioid Addiction" in The Conversation.

Watch alum Stephen Patrick (Michigan CSP 11-12) in PBS NewsHour "Detoxing After Delivery: When Babies are Born Withdrawing from Opioids" and "The Opioid Epidemic's Toll on Pregnant Women and Their Babies." He was also on NPR's Morning Edition "Pregnant and Addicted: The Tough Road to Family Health."

Krisda Chaiyachati (Penn CSP VA 15-17) and Jeffrey Hom (Penn CSP VA 14-16) co-authored an article, "Let's Put Opioids For Treating Addiction on Equal Footing with Prescribing Opioids for Pain." in Health Affairs Blog.