April 2017

Alum SreyRam Kuy (Yale CSP 07-09 VA Scholar) was a guest on Louisiana Public Broadcasting's "The State We're In" to discuss the state's opioid epidemic. 

March 2017

Alum Aaron Carroll (Washington CSP 01-03) wrote, "Why Cystic Fibrosis Patients in Canada Outlive Those in the U.S." in NY Times The Upshot

February 2017

Yale CSP co-director and alum Cary Gross (JHU CSP 97-99) wrote op-ed, "When cancer treatments do more harm than good" in The Washington Post

Alum Aaron Carroll (Washington CSP 01-03) published op-ed, "Wearable Fitness Devices Don't Seem to Make You More Fit," in NYTimes: TheUpshot

Alum Mahshid Abir (Michigan CSP 09-11) and John Burkhardt wrote op-ed, "How a travel ban could worsen doctor shortages in US hospitals and threaten primary care," in The Conversation

Alum Aaron Carroll (Washington CSP 01-03) wrote op-ed, "How Would Republican Plans for Medicaid Block Grants Actually Work?" in NYTimes The Upshot.

Alums Michelle Moniz (Michigan CSP 13-15), Matthew Davis (Chicago CSP 98-00), Tammy Chang (Michigan CSP 11-13), and colleague publish, "Meaning and Purpose: Refocusing on the Why in Medical Education," in NEJM. 

January 2017

Current scholar Manik Chhabra (Penn CSP) wrote op-ed, "Commentary: Carson can highlight links between housing and health care" for philly.com.

Alum Mahshid Abir (Mich CSP 09-11) and current NCSP scholar Margaret Greenwood-Ericksen (Mich NCSP 16-18) co-penned op-ed "Rural America, already hurting, could be most harmed by Trump's promise to repeal Obamacare" in The Conversation

Current scholar Nia Heard-Garris (Mich CSP) and current NCSP scholar Danielle Erkoboni-Wilbur (Penn NCSP) wrote op-ed, "To honor Dr. King, pediatricians offer four tips to teach kindness to kids" in The Conversation.

November 2016

Current scholar Anna Morgan's (Penn CSP) work described in "Helping Philly librarians lend a hand with health care resources" in NewsWorks

Alumni Mahshid Abir (Mich CSP 09-11) and Brendan Carr (Penn CSP 06-08) co-penned an op-ed in The Hill "Need a doctor now? Solve the acute care crisis." Referenced in article: new Acute Care Research Unit at the University of Michigan. 

Penn CSP VA current scholar Krisda H Chaiyachati, Penn CSP assoc. director David Grande & colleague, "Health Systems Tackling Social Determinants of Health: Promises, Pitfalls, and Opportunities of Current Policies" in AJMC.

Current scholar Mical Raz (Penn CSP VA Scholar) and colleague wrote op-ed, "Commentary: Wordsworth case shows it's time to rethink 'treatment' for juveniles" for philly.com.

October 2016

Current scholar Joshua Elder (Yale CSP) was featured in Attn: article, "How Doctors Can Tell If You're Looking for Drugs."

Alum Aaron Carroll (Washington CSP 01-03) wrote an NYTimes Upshot piece, "I'm a Doctor. If I Drop Food on the Kitchen Floor, I Still Eat It."

Current scholar Tyler Winkelman (Mich CSP VA Scholar) and alum Matthew Davis (Chicago CSP 98-00) contribute to Health Affairs Blog with article, "Improving Outcomes for Justice-Involved Individuals with Lessons from Veterans Programs."

Alum Aaron Carroll (University of Washington CSP 01-03) publishes piece "It's Easy for Obamacare Critics to Overlook the Merits of Medicaid Expansion" in NYTimes The Upshot.

September 2016

Alum Anthony So (UCSF CSP VA 90-92) co-authors article in Global Health Now, "3 Key Steps After the UN Political Declaration on AMR."

August 2016

Alum Aaron E. Carroll (Washington CSP 01-03) talks about increasing prices for a lifesaving device in "The Epipen, a Case Study in Health Care System Disfunction," in The Upshot, NYtimes.com.

Current Scholar Courtney McMickens (Yale CSP) "The Physician Role in the time of Black Lives Matter," on KevinMD.com.

June 2016

Alum Aaron E. Carroll (Washington CSP 01-03) talks about the importance of physical activity in "Closest Thing to a Wonder Drug? Try Exercise" in the UpShot, Nytimes.com

Alum Mark Schuster (UCLA CSP 91-93) authors perspective piece in NEJM, "Beyond Bathrooms‬ — Meeting the Health‬ Needs of Transgender‬ People."

May 2016

Krisda Chaiyachati (Penn CSP VA 15-17) and Jeffrey Hom (Penn CSP VA 14-16) co-authored an article, "Why It's Easier to be Prescribed an Opioid Painkiller Than the Treatment for Opioid Addiction" in The Conversation.

Watch alum Stephen Patrick (Michigan CSP 11-12) in PBS NewsHour "Detoxing After Delivery: When Babies are Born Withdrawing from Opioids" and "The Opioid Epidemic's Toll on Pregnant Women and Their Babies." He was also on NPR's Morning Edition "Pregnant and Addicted: The Tough Road to Family Health."

Alum Joseph Ross (Yale CSP 04-06 and Yale CSP faculty) “Therapeutic Substitution—Should It Be Systematic or Automatic?” in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Alum Patrick Conway (Penn CSP 05-07) was featured in The New York Times “Shaping Health Policy for Millions, and Still Treating Some on the Side.” 

Krisda Chaiyachati (Penn CSP VA 15-17) and Jeffrey Hom (Penn CSP VA 14-16) co-authored an article, "Let's Put Opioids For Treating Addiction on Equal Footing with Prescribing Opioids for Pain." in Health Affairs Blog.