August 2017

Alums Dave Flum (Washington CSP 00-02), Neil Powe (Penn CSP 84-86) and former Chicago CSP director, David Meltzer are among the authors of the 2017 PCORI Methodology Report

Alums Sanket Dhruva (Yale CSP 15-17 VA), Joe Ross (Yale CSP Assistant Director and Yale CSP 04-06) and colleague publish "Inclusion of Demographic-Specific Information in Studies Supporting US Food & Drug Administration Approval of High-Risk Medical Devices" in Jama Intern Med.

May 2017

Hemal Kanzaria (UCLA CSP 12-14 VA Scholar) and colleagues published, "Shared Decisionmaking in the Emergency Department: A Guiding Framework for Clinicians" in Annals of Emergency Medicine

Current scholar Andrew Ibrahim (Michigan CSP VA Scholar) and colleagues published, "Reoperation and Medicare Expenditures After Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery" in JAMA Surgery. The research was also discussed in Healio

Current scholar Claire Ankuda (Michigan CSP), alums John Harris (Michigan CSP 14-16) and Kenneth Langa (Michigan CSP 97-99), and colleagues published, "Caregiving for Older Adults with Obesity in the United States" in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Current scholar Claire Ankuda (Michigan CSP) and colleagues published, "Association of Physician Specialty with Hospice Referral for Hospitalized Nursing Home Patients with Advanced Dementia" in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Current scholar Claire Ankuda (Michigan CSP) and colleagues published, "Provision of Palliative Care Services by Family Physicians is Common" in JABFM.  

Current scholar Nia Heard-Garris (Michigan CSP) and colleagues published, "Transmitting Trauma: A systemic review of vicarious racism and child health" in Social Science & Medicine

April 2017

Current scholar Dina Hafez (Michigan CSP VA Scholar), alums Alicia Cohen (Michigan CSP 14-16) and Jeffrey Kullgren (Penn CSP 09-12 VA Scholar), and colleagues published, "Understanding type 2 diabetes mellitus screening practices among primary care physicians: a qualitative chart-stimulated recall study" in BioMed Central. 

Alum Nate Favini (UCLA CSP 15-17) and colleagues published, "Comparative Trends in Payment Adjustments Between Safety-Net and Other Hospitals Since the Introduction of the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program and Value-Based Purchasing," in JAMA

Current scholar Alon Peltz (Yale CSP), alums Cary Gross (JHU CSP 97-99 and Yale CSP co-director) and Marjorie Rosenthal (Yale CSP 03-05) and colleague published, "Low-Income Children With Chronic Conditions Face Increased Costs If Shifted From CHIP To Marketplace Plans" in Health Affairs.  

Current scholar Andrew Ibrahim (Michigan CSP VA Scholar) and Justin Dimick published, "Redesigning Delivery of Specialty Care Within Newly Formed Hospital Networks" in NEJM Catalyst

March 2017

Current scholar Krisda Chaiyachati (Penn CSP VA Scholar), David Asch (Penn CSP 87-89 and Penn co-director), and David Grande (Penn faculty) published, "Patient Inducements - High Graft or High Value?" in NEJM

Alums Renuka Tipirneni (Michigan CSP 13-15), Karin Rhodes (Chicago CSP 99-01), Rodney Hayward (UCLA CSP 86-88 and current Michigan CSP director), Matthew Davis (Chicago CSP 98-00), and colleagues published, "Geographic Variation in Medicaid Acceptance Across Michigan Primary Care Practices in the Era of the Affordable Care Act" in Medical Care Research and Review. An interview with Cary Gross about the research can be found here

Alum and Yale CSP co-director Cary Gross (JHU CSP 97-99) and colleagues published, "Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Oncotype DX Test Receipt in a Statewide Population-Based Study" in the Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network

Alums Tammy Chang (Michigan CSP 11-13), Michelle Moniz (Michigan CSP 13-15), Matthew Davis (Chicago CSP 98-00), and Caroline Richardson (Michigan CSP 99-01), and colleagues published, "Characteristics of women age 15-24 at risk for excess weight gain during pregnancy" in PLOS ONE

Current scholar Andrew Ibrahim (Michigan CSP VA Scholar) and colleagues published, "Emergency Surgery for Medicare Beneficiaries Admitted to Critical Access Hospitals" in Annals of Surgery. 

John Harris (Michigan CSP 14-16), Chithra Perumalswami (Michigan CSP 14-16 VA Scholar), Michelle Moniz (Michigan CSP 13-15), and colleagues published, "Geographic access to assisted reproductive technology health care in the United States: a population-based cross-sectional study" in Fertility and Sterility. The study was also discussed by UofM IHPI.  

Current scholar Claire Ankuda (Michigan CSP) and colleague's research on in-home caregiving was recently covered in Medicine at Michigan article, "Pillars of Strength: How the rise of in-home caregiving is shaping geriatric health care."

Alum Tara Lagu (Penn CSP 05-08) is the lead author in study, "Website Characteristics and Physician Reviews on Commercial Physician-Rating Websites" in JAMA. The research was also discussed in Medscape

Current scholar Dowin Boatright (Yale CSP), Yale alums Marcella Nunez-Smith (04-06) and Patrick O'Connor (86-88), and colleagues publish, "Racial Disparities in Medical Student Membership in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society" in JAMA. The study was also discussed in Yale News. 

Alums Charlene Wong (Penn CSP 13-15), Kristin Kan (Mich CSP 14-16), and colleagues published, "Pediatric and Adult Physician Networks in Affordable Care Act Marketplace Plans" in Pediatrics and discussed in Newswise