February 2017

Harrison Alter (Washington CSP 97-99), founding executive director of the Levitt Center for Social Emergency Medicine, partnered with the American College of Emergency Physicians, the Emergency Medicine Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to create a consensus conference to establish the intellectual underpinnings of social emergency medicine. The invitational conference, to be held in Dallas in September 2017, will help further establish the field, which explores the interplay of social forces and the emergency care system as together they influence the lives of individuals and communities. 

December 2016

Hemal Kanzaria (UCLA CSP 12-14 VA Scholar) Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine at UCSF, received a $1.97M pay-for-performance grant from the San Francisco Health Plan to a) implement Emergency Department information exchange at San Francisco-based hospitals and 2) promote data transparency on hospital diversion.